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    Gypsumboard:  Our standard system is based on 5/8" x 4' x 8' gypsumboard, ASTM C36 with long edges tapered and round or beveled, Type X gypsum core with FS QQ-L-201f, grade C lead of the required thickness bonded to the back face.  Gypsumboard in 9' and 10' lengths and 1/2" thickness is also available, as is water board and Veneer board.

    Plywood / Paneling:  Depending on the requirements of the application, plywood or paneling in interior or exterior, normal or fire retardant, and stain or paint grade is also available.  Our standard system is based on fire treated 3/4" plywood.  This application is most often utilized for lead thickness in excess of 1/8".  These thicker applications are seen primarily in PET/CT installations.


    Frames:  We produce lead-lined Telescopic Window Frames.  These frames are manufactured from cold rolled 16 gage steel, with welded seams and corners, ground and sanded smooth.  The frame is then primer coated and delivered to you with the specified lead lining, per your specifications.  With the telescopic design, these frames are perfect for remodel applications, as well as new construction.  Our standard frame is suitable for finished wall thicknesses from 4.5 to 7".  Removable stops and mounting screws are provided with each frame.

    Glass:  Radiation Protection Glass is available in sizes to a maximum of 4' x 8'.  This glass is high quality, optical grade materials, with a polished mirror finish and contains not less than 60% heavy metal oxides, with at least 55% lead oxide.  Glass thickness is 5/16" and minimum lead equivalency is 1.58mm.


    Species:  We offer many options for face and edge specie.  Birch and Red Oak are standard.

    Construction:  All doors are hand made within our own shop.  We use 4" hardwood stiles and rails for added strength and stability.  Cores are high density industrial grade particle board.  All cores are glued and bolted.  With the lead sheet in the center of the door, there is no "face-heavy" tendency to swing only one direction.


    Sheet: We offer six standard thicknesses, from 1/32" thru 1/8" consisting of a single thickness of FS QQ-L-201, grade C lead.  This certification standard insures the highest level of lead purity (99.8) and is required by NCRP 147.

Fractions of Decimal Millimeter Nominal
an Inch Equivalent Equivalent lbs. per sq.ft.
1/32" .0312" 0.7937mrn 2#
5/128" .0391" 0.9922mrn 2-1/2#
3/64" .0469" 1. 1906mm 3#
1/16" .0625" 1.5875rnm 4#
5/64" .0781" 1.9844rnm 5#
3/32" .0937" 2.3812rnm 6#
1/8" .1250" 3.1750mrn 8#
5/32" .1562" 3.9687rnm 10#
3/16" .1875" 4.7625rnm 12#
1/4" .2500" 6.3500rnm 16#
3/8" .3750" 9.5250rnm 24#
1/2" .50" 12.7000rnm 30#
3/4" .75" 19.0500mm 46#
1" 1.00" 2S.4000mm 60#
1-1/2" 1.50" 38.1000mm 90#
2" 2.00" 50.8000mm 120#
2-1/4" 225" 57.1500rnm 135#
2-1/2" 2.50" 63.5000mm 150#
2-3/4" 2.75" 69.8500mm 165#
3" 3.00" 76.2000mm 180#
3-1/4" 3.25" 82.5500mm 195#
3-1/2" 3.50" 88.9000mm 210#

*[Standard thickness tolerance for lead sheet: Plus or minus 0.005".]

**[Standard thickness tolerance for lead plate: Plus or minus 0.01".]

Bricks: Interlocking bricks are available in a number of sizes.  Contact us for further information.